Life’s Abundance Shipping Rates

Life’s Abundance Has Amazingly Low Shipping Rates

Watch this 3 minute video and learn why so many people are loving our home delivery.

One of the main reasons people choose to buy Life’s Abundance pet foods is freshness.  They enjoy the fact that Life’s Abundance is made in small, frequent batches and delivered straight to their door.  The cost of shipping is usually a small price to pay in order to ensure this benefit.  I’ve always said that having the food home delivered is like a small insurance policy against getting old or spoiled food.  But what price should we expect to pay for this benefit?  Well fortunately, Life’s Abundance offers some of the lowest shipping rates you can hope to find when shipping something like an 8lb, 20lb, or even a 40lb bag of dog food.  Have you ever tried to ship a 40lb bag of anything lately?  It’s extremely expensive.  However, you can get a 40lb bag of dog food delivered from Life’s Abundance to your door for only $8.85 in most areas.  Watch the video above to learn more.

Are you a Breeder, Pet Rescue, or anyone else who has a lot of mouths to feed?  Check out the video above to learn how affordable our shipping rates can be.  We have a special program for breeders that offers FREE food and and income program that can’t be beat.  And by the way, we have no minimum ordering requirements!  You can buy as little or as much as you need.

Shipping Chart


Above is an example of the cost to ship eight (8) 40 lb. bags of dry dog food or 44 lb. bags of dog breeder food from one of our warehouses to four different locations.

UPS shipping costs are generally calculated on the distance a package has to travel. UPS Zone 2 is the closest to a warehouse, so it costs the least amount to ship. However, Zone 5 is farther away than Zone 2, so it costs more to ship.

As you can see in the example above, it only costs $1.11 a bag to ship to Zone 2 but the cost increases to $6.07 a bag when shipping to Zone 5.

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