Life’s Abundance Samples Work

Listen to this great testimonial from a pet parent who received a sample of Life’s Abundance dog food. Sharing Life’s Abundance samples with pet owners is the easiest way to gain new business. The pets are guaranteed to love the food and in turn, you’ll grow a solid business.

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Using the Life’s Abundance “trial bagsSample System” and “half cup samples” is one of the very best ways to build your business with Life’s Abundance.

As seen in the video above, create opportunities for yourself to bring up the subject of your business.  Most people have never met anyone who either works with or knows anything about pet food.  They will be eager to hear what you have to say because they love their pet.  This, of course, opens the door for you to offer them a free sample.  I’ve never met anyone who has refused a free sample yet!  Be sure to also offer them a business card and a catalog with the sample.

The next step is following up.  Remember, “the fortune is in the follow up”.  Occasionally your prospect may get back with you but it’s not likely.  When giving the sample, set a follow up date with the person right then and there.  Just say something simple like, “I’d like to see how your pet liked the sample.  Would it be alright if I checked back with you in a couple of days?”

If all goes well at the follow up, it’s very easy to take the order right on the spot.  Simply ask your prospect to stay on hold while you call your home office (this is done using a 3 way call – all cell phones have this feature).  When one of our Customer Service agents answers just introduce yourself and your new customer and they will take it from there.

For complete instructions on how to use the “Life’s Abundance Selling and Recruiting System” just click to view/download this pdf

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