Is Beneful killing dogs?

Is Beneful Dog Food Killing Dogs

Local News Report: Target 11 News in Pittsburgh

An Ohio woman contacted Target 11 after her dog died. She thinks something was wrong with her dog’s food, and she’s not the only one. Consumer Investigator Robin Taylor discovered hundreds of dog owners have filed complaints about Purina Beneful.

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Lifes Abundance Healthy Start Pack

Life’s Abundance Healthy Start Pack

If you have never tried Life’s Abundance Premium pet products, you need to learn about the Healthy Start Pack.  The Healthy Start Pack is a collection of products that no pet household should be without.  Just take a look at this video to learn more and to take advantage of this special discount.

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Dead Pets In Pet Food?

Ever wonder what goes into your dog food or cat food?  I talk to people every day who want to know the real truth.  They’re startled to realize that almost ALL ingredients in pet food have been rejected from the human market, and there are literally dead Dogs and Cats in the ingredients.

How do I know this?

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