2013 Harvest Analysis Detects Mycotoxin Threat

Alltech – an international animal health company – surveyed 329 samples of corn from July 1 through Dec. 31, 2012, and results showed only one percent of the samples analyzed were free of mycotoxins.  The company has repeated this testing in 2013 and analysis “has shown similar results but with interesting new findings: the numbers of mycotoxins present are still increasing.”

bad corn in dog foodThe Alltech report went on to say, “The future mycotoxin picture is still unclear but the levels of harmful contaminants will depend on the weather leading up to harvest and the way crops are stored. At harvest time, it is recommended for mycotoxin contaminated grain to be dried to 14 percent moisture within 24 to 48 hours to stabilize mold growth and ensure adequate grain storage. By limiting mold growth, mycotoxin production can be stabilized, but any mycotoxins already present would remain.”

If your dog food or cat food contains corn, my advice is to simply throw it out!  Why take the risk of ingredients contamination, not to mention the allergic properties associated with corn.

Life’s Abundance dog food and Life’s Abundance cat food have never contained corn for good reason.  Treat your pet to the very best.

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